What Is So Interesting About Another Monday?

2 min čítania

I think there isn’t a person, who hasn’t sung the Manic Monday by Bangles. Yesterday it was Monday, May 11th. A normal day. Though was it really a normal day? What’s so special about normal days? Let me tell you what I think and at the end, I have a short task for you as well. So dig in, just after you finish listening…

Sometimes it’s worth it to look at a normal day and see think about it a biit. Below, you can see the list of activities I did today. I had majority of those planned out from yesterday evening, when I did my weekly review.

Activity list:

  • 06:00 Wake up.
  • Drink a glass of water with lemon.
  • Toilet.
  • Teeth.
  • Warm-up.
  • Prepare aero-press coffee.
  • Pack food.
  • Drive to work, listen to audiobook.
  • 06:30 Get to work.
  • Get coffee #2.
  • Prepare breakfast smoothie.
  • Unpack & plug in laptop.
  • Open the paper organizer, review the daily tasks.
  • Eat the frog – preparing a website for soon-to-launch HR-related  study.
  • 07:30 Colleagues coming in.
  • Ear-plugs on, rock-radio on Spotify on.
  • Get a coffee with colleagues.
  • Dive in to finish the frog.
  • 11:00 Lunch.
  • Post-lunch coffee.
  • Inbox clean-up.
  • Client calls – status update, meeting arrangement.
  • 15:20 Leaving for gym, listen to audiobook.
  • 16:00 Gym
  • Meeting with pro-bono coaching client
  • Go home, listen to audiobook.
  • Dinner.
  • Start monhtlong lean-canvas preparation.
  • Play Counter-strike with my brother.
  • Review daily activity list above, mental not to do this tomorrow as well.
  • Prepare this post.
  • 22:00 Go sleep.

Why do I mention normal day

The interesting thing, about seeing the list the way you see it now, is to review, which of the activities have the biggest contribution to important areas:

I spent major part of my day dealing with a word-press website for one of our upcoming DEVELOR projects. This will in the future possibly bring new clients for our training & consulting business, so it’s a long-term time-investment. The major short-term value comes from the 1.5 hours of follow-up on the client requests and calling on clients to meet.

Second interesting point is how much of the day is built by habits and routines:

The whole morning between the alarm sound until I sit down in front of my laptop at the office is one big routine. The warm-up is part of this routing which I picked-up last month. The whole gym going is one big routine. The audiobook listening is a habit I’m just building. The „go sleep at 10 PM“ is a habit as well.

Normal days build up life. Pay attention to what they look like, what they contribute to and what habits you let into them.

Try and do this daily snapshot exercise yourself this evening. Let me know, what you learn!