Simple in B&W by Nana B Agyei

Viac žuvať, menej jesť. Jednoduchý návod na minimalizmus a lepší život.

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Život je jednoduchý. My si ho komplikujeme. Život sa dá užívať. My si z neho radosť vyháňame.

Čítal som nedávno zaujímavú knihu, ktorá ma inšpirovala k tomu, aby som viac žuval. Let me help you improve it with a simple book I read. I believe it will inspire you chew more and also to other actions.

I’ve followed Leo Babauta’s zenhabits and mnmlst for some time. But I stumbled upon The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life when browsing the audible web.

What should you do with that chewing thing?

This guide will show you how to find minimalism in all areas of your life: from decluttering your possessions and digital life to working less to finding time for what’s important. That’s what Amazon says. I agree.

This book is a helping hand to get content, declutter, simplify and minimise your life. It will help you more joyful by living simpler. It covers all areas of it.

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more, and all good things will be yours.”

Swedish proverb at the beginning of the book puts the whole idea so simply through. It’s astonishing, how much meaning such simple sentence has. Think about it.

Just yesterday, I was eating a cucumber. I prepared the dinner for my girlfriend. A little grilled cheese, seasoned with a rosemary and thyme, cucumber as a side dish. Let it melt and soften slowly on small fire. A cucumber cut slice by slice. I put it in the bowl and lay it around in the circles one slice over the other. It formed a kind of tasty cucumber spiral. And I ate one slice. It took me almost a minute. I enjoyed each and every bite.

When you chew more and eat slower, you actually taste the food. I realised how quick and hasty my eating had been. In the middle of writing this I had my dinner. It took me 15 minutes to eat it, compared to the five it’d take before. And the quality of the food was thus multiplied. Eating, just like everything else can be slowed, minimised and multiplied in value. If you simplify.

The overview: Simplify. Remove. Minimise.

The ultimate philosophy of minimalism and simple living is similar to lean manufacturing. Identify the elements that contribute the value to customer – you. Focus on perfecting them. Remove the things which don’t bring value to customer. All in small, incremental steps.

Stuff doesn’t bring value. Stuff steals value. Stuff is things, interests, priorities, people, thoughts. This is all addressed in the book, as you can see in the content at the end. The author breaks down and identifies the typical reasons which lead to having more stuff at home, work, in your head, and gives a simple (Not easy, simple!) advice to change this.

For starters, the list of minimalist principles might be interesting for you (quoted, it’s un-copyrighted):

  1. Omit needless things. Notice this doesn’t say to omit everything. Just needless things.
  2. Identify the essential. What’s most important to you? What makes you happy? What will have the highest impact?
  3. Make everything count. Whatever you do or keep in your life, make it worthy of keeping. Make it really count.
  4. Fill your life with joy. Don’t just empty your life. Put something wonderful in it.
  5. Edit, edit. Minimalism isn’t an end point. It’s a constant process of editing, revisiting, editing some more.

This book is not a zen-crazy-let’s-enjoy-the-small-things-and-live-in-own-world  promoting book. It’s practical for a normal human. With a job. With family. Everything is doable. I’m implementing it now!

I urge you to read this book. And implement!

The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life - Leo Babauta - AmazonI appreciate about The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life that it is so straightforward and simple. I’ve read multiple books in the category and none of them puts things so simple. It is a solid guide for a starting, as well as experimenting simple life practitioner.

People bring clutter in their life to improve it. But the removal would help more. If this might be of a bit of true with you as well, get the book. Read it and implement the parts or the whole philosophy. It’s worth it. It will bring you more value into life.

The book is 1 h 57 mins of listening time, which translates into 84 pages of paperback. It’s  available in Kindle, Paperback, Audible and Audio CD via Amazon. For my Slovak friends as well on Martinus.

I’m really excited about the de-cluttering, minimising and simplifying the life. I’ve been working on my own for some time. If you are interested in talking about it, get in touch with me.

If you are interested in future book reviews and simple life, stay connected!

Table of Content: The Simple Guide To Minimalist Life by Leo Babauta

  • A small irony
  • Notes on using this book
  • What is a minimalist life?
  • Overall minimalist principles
  • How to become a minimalist
  • Contentedness
  • Rethinking necessities
  • Simplify what you do
  • Clearing clutter
  • Minimalist home
  • Minimalist workspace
  • Minimalist computer
  • Going paperless, digitizing
  • Minimalist travel
  • Wardrobe and grooming
  • Minimalist food
  • Minimalist fitness
  • Minimalist finances
  • Finding simplicity with kids
  • Dealing with non-minimalist loved ones
  • Minimalism is the end of organizing
  • Step lightly upon this world: on sustainability
  • FAQs
  • Other resources
  • Acknowledgements