The Simplest Advice On Customer Care

Companies spend a lot of time and money on figuring out how to make their customers happy. People spend a lot of effort on trying to crack the code to good relations with others…

The key to all relations (with clients, friends, family…) is to actually CARE. Care for their problems, for what is happening in their lives.

Every person likes to feel the real, authentic interest. Show that to those whom you want to win. Show interest. Care. It will make them happy and it will help you win their loyalty and love.

It is not about claiming that you do care. It’s about acting. Listening with attention. Speaking with right intention. Offering and actually delivering your help. Searching for options. And being personally happy for the chance to help.

Acting vs being

Have you ever wanted to be different than you are? For me it happens. Mostly when I’m disappointed with what I have / haven’t done.

In fact, I think when we wish for being different, what we really mean is that we would want to have acted differently. When we wish to be more “outgoing”, what we mean is “I wish I would have gone out and spoke to those people.”

We are the sum of our habits. And habits are formed by actions.

So if you want to BE different, just ACT differently.

Extremes Can Guide Your Focus

Nothing is black or white. There is a lot of grey area available. Despite that, sometimes it makes sense to think black or white.

Many times I tend to turn into thinking that it’s “more-less okay” or “partially done” or stuff like that.

Black or white, yes or no, done or not done are ultimate statements, but they help to keep my thinking real. Even if I’m working on something that takes time and I “celebrate” little successes on the way, I still turn back to simple question: “Yes or no?”

Going “extreme” in evaluating situation might not be always good, but many times it helps to keep your head straight and focused. Whether in personal or business topics, it can be great guidance.

One hundred and a question for you

This is my one-hundredth post on this blog. So how was the road until now? For me this blog has been a place to pour out my thoughts, ideas, bad and good moments. I have tried to be inspiring.

Now I think it is time for some summary, and then there’s the question for you in the end of the post. Check it out 😉

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#Trust30 – posts inspired by writing challenge at
Daily Good Question – questions I was asking myself in the mornings in Egypt.


I used to hunt for stats. I learnt I don’t need that. The more readers the better, but I’ll keep writing even if it’s only me reading.
I used to write in a complicated way. I learnt (and continue) to simplify.
Over the two years that I run this blog I’ve changed the design 3 times. I like change more than I thought.


If you are reading regularly or not, I would be glad to know, what would be the 3 words to characterise your experience with this blog until now?

Daily Good Question 2012-03-08

In every great story there’s a hero. And the hero’s guide. That’s the person, that the hero turns to to confirm his direction, to get support, to get help to become a true self, a true hero.

Just like the stories, we have our guides in our lives of becoming heroes. So the question is:

Who helps you be a better person? Who helps you be your hero?

It might be your parents, your best ever friend, your mentor, guide. Whomever it is, he/she plays an extraordinary role in shaping you and helping you becoming better yourself.

So do you know now who it is?

Daily Good Question 2012-03-05

Today’s question is simple. If you don’t feel like sharing your reply, don’t. But take time to truly think of it.

What is your deepest fear?

I’ve been inspired to ask this question by a short discussion with a friend of mine yesterday evening. I’ve realized, it’s not what we do not know that frightens us and makes us uneasy. It is that what we do know, just don’t take our actions on…

Maybe you will see what I mean after reading this quote by Marianne Williamson:


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Daily Good Question 2012-03-04

Welcome to Sunday! Here’s question for today:

Which book or movie character is your favorite? Why?

I’m really curious to read your heroes names. I’ll add mine in the evening 😉

Vitaj nedeľa! A tu je otázka na dnes:

Ktorá postava z filmu alebo knihy je vaša obľúbená? Prečo?

Som skutočne zvedavý na mená vašich hrdinov. Moje pridám večer 😉

Daily Good Question 2012-03-03

Happy Saturday to all of you! Hope your weekends are going on well!

Today I have another book-related question for you, as we are right now in monthlong of reading. Are you already joining us to build the habit?

If you were to recommend one must-read book for everyone, which one would it be and why?

Reading books is one of the best sources of personal development that I know.

Firstly, it’s truly personal, most of the time it’s only you, your book & your thoughts. Secondly, you have the chance to chose from such a great variety, that you can actually focus on anything in your life through books.

And my must-read recommendation?

For me, the book that I would like every single person to read is Vinnetou – the trilogy of Karl May written in 1893. It’s a story that I’ve read at least 5 times, first time when I was really just a child. For me it was and still is the greatest book about friendship, devotion, commitment & search for good in mankind. It influenced me a lot, as I used to personalize myself into the character of Old Shatterhand, the main character. I remember couple of tears of joy & sadness over the book… I truly recommend this great story.

What book do you consider a must-read?

Šťastnú sobotu všetkým! Dúfam, že váš víkend je skvelý!

Pretože práve máme monthlong čítania mám pre vás dnes opäť otázku týkajúcu sa kníh. Už ste sa k nám pripojili a budujete tento zvyk?

Ak by ste mali odporučiť všetkým jednu “musíš si prečítať” knihu, ktorá by to bola a prečo?

Čítanie kníh je jeden z najlepších zdrojov osobného rozvoja, ktoré poznám.

Po prvé, je to skutočne osobné. Väčšina času patrí len vám, vašej knihe a vašim myšlienkam. Po druhé, môžete si vybrať z takého veľkého množstva variácií, že vám to umožňuje prostredníctvom kníh rozmýšľať o čomkoľvek vo vašom živote.

A moje “musíš si prečítať” odporúčanie?

Podľa mňa by si každý jeden človek mal prečítať knihu Vinnetou – trilógiu od Karla Maya napísanú v roku 1893. Je to príbeh, ktorý som čítal najmenej 5krát. Prvýkrát, keď som bol skutočne dieťa.  Podľa mňa je to najlepšia kniha o priateľstve, oddanosti, záväzku a hľadaní dobra pre ľudstvo. Táto kniha ma veľmi ovplyvnila a zvykol som sa zosobňovať s hlavnou postavou, Old Shatterhandom. Pamätám si na pár sĺz radosti a smútku prostredníctvom tejto knihy…Skutočne odporúčam tento skvelý príbeh.

Ktorú knihu považujete za “musíš si prečítať”?