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Ten Days of Mad, Sad and Glad Time? This Is What It Brings!

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Have you ever had a day, when your moods went up-and-down like a rollercoaster? Some days that start with absolute join and positive attitude and by the time you get to work you’re pissed already. Although I learnt to live with it, I still don’t get this part of myself. Wouldn’t it be great to understand your own moods a bit better?

That’s one of the reasons to do a little bit of self-observation. Actually, it’s one of the very interesting capabilities of people, to observe self, isn’t it?

So on June 1st I started this monthlong mood experiment

The Mad-Sad-Glad Time involves daily recording of things which made me mad, sad and glad. You can check the article about it here.

I’ve done this exercise ten times already. It’s going pretty well. I don’t have to push myself to open the notepad and jot it down at all. What helps me is my habit tracker, which I use and also the fact, that I leave the notepad on the table in the living room, where I always see it before I go to bed.

Most of the days I included the Mad-Sad-Glad-Time into my evening routine. Simply because it made most sense for me to record the whole day at once. However, there were some days, when I carried the recorder with me over all the places and I wrote down everything which had the emotional – mood – impact on me. I recommend you to test both options and see which one suits you more. For me the end-day-sit-down works fine, though I might forget some of the moments, it serves another purpose this way – it closes the day for me.

Looking back now at the first ten days, I learnt this…

First of all, most of the “Made me mad” part is about some systems not working or people not behaving the way I expected them to. For example when I spend 20-30 minutes trying to configure an app which worked seamlessly before. Or when a colleague asked me some extremely rudimentary technical question, such as “How do I find out how much space I still have in my online account?” To be honest, this drives me crazy mad!

The “Made me sad” is so far more about realising something which is not really the way I wish it to be. Some parts are about mistakes or bad luck, but mostly it’s about me behaving not the way I would like to. Just like when I promised myself to not work after 6 PM and then I realised I was still finishing some stuff at 7 PM.

The “I’m Glad About” list is actually very nice thing to do and it’s good it’s the last in the exercise. It makes me appreciate the good part of the day. So mostly there are things that are little pleasures, rather than huge things. Such as two days, when I noted “The nice and peaceful dinner with Bubu.” The other most usual is the happiness coming from completion of some task in a way I was satisfied with, such as “Good meeting at this client.”

What will be on your mad-sad-glad list? Comment below and start today with this personal experiment 😉

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