It Ain’t About How Hard You Hit

Sometimes I wonder why we talk so much about persistance and not giving up. I have made couple of posts about this topic here as well.

I guess we need to consciously remind ourselves that it makes sense to go on when going gets tough.

So as a reminder, a quote from Rocky Balboa, which I already used in the poem Fall and rise (you can watch the clip here):

But it ain’t about how hard you hit;
it’s about how hard you can get hit,
and keep moving forward. .
It’s how much you can take,
and keep moving forward.
That’s how winning is done.

We are tempted everyday to quit: „Stop being different. Stop pushing for something „unrealistic“. Stay realistic, keep your head down, join the crowd, accept the majority.“

When you challenge the status quo, everyday is a struggle. Whether it’s change of your habits or change of your company, or changing the world. There will always be push-back. And doubts. And prophets envisioning your fail. And those I-TOLD-YOU-SOs, when you stumble.

Persisting when punches land down on you is what will make you succeed. No matter how hard you will hit, there will almost always be a counter-strike. Question is:

Will you get up and go for another round?

 (PS: this post is inspired by Daily Prompt: Silver Screen)