All it takes is to stop dreaming

2 min čítania

There’s millions, if not billions of people who are constantly dreaming that something changes in their lives. It will get better, it will be okay, it will happen somehow.

Dreams are not coming true. They are made true.

We are being constantly bombarded by all the possible sources that dreaming is good and we should have dreams. That’s true. But many times people – us – skip over the next important thing in dreaming – MAKING IT HAPPEN.

The first thing that helps me personally to make my dreams true is clarifying what it actually is that I dream of – SETTING A GOAL.

Dreams are there to inspire and motivate us. Goals are there to help us reach dreams. So stop dreaming and start setting goals. And act on them.

Some of us have stopped in the end of 2012 and imagined how many awesome changes in our lives we could do in the new year. Some even decided to make new years resolutions. But how many actually go the extra mile and set clear measurable goals? Have you set them?

I’ve spent approximately 8 hours between Christmas and today to sum-up my 2012 and set goals for 2013. I’ve used this year-review guide from a friend of mine Bene with a little bit of personal tweaks. The last step that I’m missing is setting the milestones on the road and I’m good to go on my 2013 dream-hunt. I’ll do that during the coming weekend. For inspiration, this is my 2013 year-theme:

13 gifts cover picture

I might later post some of the goals I set as well, though this 3-minutes TED talk by Derek Sivers hints that you should keep your goals to yourself:

Update: in the end I did publish my top 13 goals for 2013 here 🙂

If you have a lot of ideas on what all you want to achieve in your life, then go ahead and make them tangible. The weekend is coming so why not using some time of it to make something real?

Whether you keep your goals to yourself or make them public is up to you. Important thing is that you don’t stay in the dreaming phase.

All it takes to make your dreams come true is to stop dreaming, set a goal and act on it!

So will you start your 2013 dream-hunt, or will your dreams stay only in your head?