Confetti by ADoseofShipBoy

Let The Small Victories Rain

1 min čítania

It would be great to have success everyday. Big success. Something noteworthy. Something extraordinary. Something that makes you feel the most awesome.

But this doesn’t happen that often. Big success takes time. It takes effort and perseverance. It takes time.

We need to give ourselves small victories. Win small battles with ourselves, our job, our other duties. Just to get the feeling of winning and keep on going.

Sometimes, when work just doesn’t feel like coming to any good results, what helps me is victory in other fields. I usually go run. It releases the endorphins and it is a victory over myself (though I’ve been running for couple of months, it still is a fight to get out of that door and start).

Or like today morning: Yesterday I had a shit day. No particular reason, just it didn’t feel right, nothing big came in, no particular success that I would be proud of.

So I decided to start today with couple of small victories:

  1. I woke up earlier = victory #1
  2. I exercised = victory #2
  3. I write this post = victory #3

The next thing I’m going to do is to write down 3 top things I want to get done today. After I finish any of them, I’ll take a break and celebrate the victory.

If you’re feeling down and that big success seems to be thousand miles away, grant yourself the small victory. Appreciate it. And keep on going.