Allow yourself to be selfish

1 min čítania

I trust most of the people who know me would characterise me as helpful person, a person who is there for others. I think most of the people would say that, and I’m happy for it.

It’s good to help the fellow human. I take it as part of my personal mission.

But it took me a while to get to understand one thing:

It’s okay to be selfish. It’s even necessary.

Are we not supposed to make ourselves happy as well? Are we not allowed to be important to ourselves?

I think I haven’t been giving enough of attention to myself in recent past. And it’s necessary.  We all need to put on our selfish hats from time to time and consider ourselves the top priority. Or at least I need it. I started to put myself first in some ways, and I am going to do it more often in this year.

Think about it: Who is it sitting in your chair reading this post right now? It’s you. One and only YOU that you have. A unique individual who lives a unique life. Your life. A life that is limited by one simple dimension – time. Time that counts down your Moments to Live.

Never forget that you matter as well, topmost for yourself. And when you need to be selfish, when you need to focus on yourself, than do it! Give yourself the value that you deserve.

Allow yourself to be selfish.