Run by Hernan Pinera

Millenia Old Wisdom Which We Still Keep Forgetting

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Every time I see a runner on the street I have to think, how many kilometers there’s already behind him or her. It can be one. Or twenty. I will never know for sure. But one thing I do know. He sacrificed his free time, comfort of sitting at home, of doing something else to run. To get something that he wants.

Today I had lunch with two of my good friends – Jaja & Lukas. They were discussing about how much many people envy and complain about good fortunes of the others. And hardly any of them realize there’s much of sacrifice and hard work behind the success of those people. And if they do, they are not willing to make the same sacrifices to get the results.

Many of us seek to find the easy way. The shortcut. The miraculous solution, that will make us rich, famous, successful, get us better job, better status, anything. If we don’t find it, we blame fate, government, the neighbour… Anyone, but ourselves.

There’s a trade off in anything we want to achieve. There’s always something we need to give up to gain something else – current spending for long term financial stability; free time for work achievement; junk food for good health…

What separates the successful from unsuccessful is the willingness to make sacrifices and ownership of own fate. Nothing comes free. No success is made without sacrifice.

I am right now thinking, what all do I need to sacrifice to achieve my goals. I set high targets for myself and I want to see them hit. And it has and will cost me a lot of sacrifice in the coming months and years. Even more than I have made until now, because I realize I have been lazy in some ways, unwilling to change some things, that I have to in order to achieve.

Have you thought of what you are willing to sacrifice to get what you want?


UPDATE 2015:

Most recent top focus personal priority for me has become the „Sixpack Adventure“ – my journey to achieve top fitness condition (Healthy, functional & good-looking body). And that is one of the greatest learning about sacrifice and gain that I could ever have.