Buttress roots by Tatters

Revisiting your roots

1 min čítania

It’s always good to revisit the places which made you. Just now I’m sitting in Banska Bystrica, the town where I spent 3 years of my life studying.

It felt really special driving towards the town. It’s the place where I started discovering my personality and my dreams. It’s where I met my first love. It’s where I started my journey of an „adult“ and I formed my most important attitudes.

That’s why it’s special for me.

What can you get from revisiting the special places of your past:

  • refreshing the old emotions
  • remembering past ambitions
  • remembering great moments
  • rediscovering your thoughts

Most important:

I get the chance to look at my present self through eyes of my past self and see whether I am becoming who I wanted to become.

The most important opinion is our own opinion of us. Revisiting our past gives us the chance to think: „Am I happy with who I have become? Would the myself of the past approve of me today?“

When was the last time you revisited your roots? How was it?