Observer mentality and call for your action

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Today I want to talk to you about little something I call „observer mentality“ and I want to ask you for one simple step to take.


Have you ever been for a football match in the lowest league in the country? It’s not a pretty picture. Not because of the football quality, but because of the fans around there. They display one of the best examples of „observer mentality“ that I’ve ever seen. You hear nothing from their mouths except of swearing on the players. And all of them seem to think they are 100x more capable of playing than those 22 guys on the field.

Problem is, none of them actually does play. Moreover, none of them does anything to improve the play of others. They are just great at being critical observers.

Let’s look at what I see as typical for people with „observer mentality“:

  • they know the best way to do something, but they don’t do it
  • they are constantly proclaiming how someone is doing it wrong
  • they find pleasure in criticising every move
  • they take no action to improve the situation, rather wait
  • they usually blame others for own failures
  • if confronted, they don’t propose suggestions
  • if asked to help, they back-out, it’s not „their job to do“

Critique is important. If it is constructive and well aimed. 

I believe in criticising with good intention and a suggestion how to improve (just as I wrote in my do-not-do list). I hate observer mentality and I have a constructive suggestion for all those „observers“ (and I suggest you forward it to any of those around you):

Either act with aim to change it or shut up!

This action does not need to be taking over full responsibility. Small steps are enough: talk to the player after the match and give him some advice, become an expert in the tactics and talk to the coach on how to make the starting line, raise some money to hire better players…

I’m not saying speaking-up about what bothers you is wrong. It’s great! But speak up with the right intention to the right people with right information. 

Just don’t spread all-knowing words without constructive action!


Constructive Meet-up Cover

I’m tired seeing observer mentality around me and sometimes stepping into it myself.

That’s why in 4 days I’m meeting with couple of friends for our first „Constructive Meet-up“ – a meeting to generate solutions to problems and take them forward.

Thank you Lubica for co-organising it with me.

Now a request towards you – take first step to sort out things that  bother you. Let us know. We’re looking for problems that we can solve on our meet-up. So if you have something that bothers you, go ahead and let us know in questionnaire below or on this link.

Couple of rules:

  1. insert problems, not solutions
  2. be specific
  3. don’t go into politics or religion (we don’t want to deal with that)
  4. take time and fill in ALL 10 QUESTIONS (we need quantity)

Most probably we won’t be able to cover all the topics, but we will cover some. It’s a start. Your input will not be forgotten and we will look at it.

If you like it, share it forward 😉

Thank you for your input and for not having the observer mentality.

PS: if you wanna know more about Constructive Meet-up or you wanna take part in it, get in touch with me. For now it’s a closed group, but let’s see…