Book Which Might Send You To Hell

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The God Delusion is a sober scientific analysis of existence of god and topics related to it. It’s a simple, yet broad examination of the questions that we all sometimes wonder about. For me it was first book with this topic and it was an interesting set of thoughts. Although according to the Old Testament reading it might send me straight to hell for blasphemy.

Richard Dawkins, author of God Delusion, is a british scientist – ethologist & evolutionary biologist – and an atheist. He approaches the question of existence of god from standpoint of science and lays down the facts and hypotheses to deny it. He advocates atheistic worldview in this book plainly and assertively, but not viciously and not with hatred. I think he would agree with following sentences, which I see as basic assumption of God Delusion:

We live in a world build up and ruled by matter. There are things we cannot comprehend in it. That does not mean they are immaterial, supernatural or divine. We just cannot understand them on our level of consciousness. Yet.

It is a sensitive topic to talk about faith, god(s), religion(s) and one’s worldview. Richard Dawkins doesn’t have any problem with it, he goes all the way to write whole book (actually couple of them) on this topic. In God Delusion he gives reasoned arguments and opinion on some questions that haunt humanity for a long time:

Is there any god? Why is there the belief in god and why do we have religion? Are we good thanks to the religion and faith in god, or not? What gap does faith fill in us and can we be happy without it?

And the answers that you can find in 464 pages of God Delusion are (lazy version):

God almost certainly does not exist (and there are scientific facts that support that). The religion and faith are somehow by-products of our past evolution. We have the innate goodness in ourselves which does not originate in god or faith. We can live happy and fulfilling lives without believing in god.

The book is a dynamic and well versed „guide to life of an atheist“. It argues the existence, need and benefits of faith and religion in our world through sober and pragmatic view of science. It is written in understandable language, linked with logic and arguments and it sucks-in the reader very naturally.

I will neither recommend nor reject the book. It is your call whether you read it.

Just be warned: If you are in doubts with your belief, you will be given maybe new, maybe refreshed arguments to lean towards the non-believers‘ side. If you don’t have faith, this book will reassure your thinking. If you are a faithful believer, I don’t think you will want to read the book.

You can buy The God Delusion on or The Slovak version is on as well, though currently sold out. Thanks Brano for the inspiration to read this book.