abbotsford Wolves Vs Strathfield Soccer Grand Final by Eva Rinaldi

What Did I Learn From a Simple Football Match

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I used to play football (soccer for US people) when I was on my elementary and grammar school. Then I had a knee injury and I stopped playing that much. But I still do.

Last Sunday I went to play after quite a while. As expected, my fitness wasn’t the best. Despite the fact that I run regularly, football is different to distance running. And my technique went down as well. I had a lot of bad moments, when I didn’t perform the best.

But I learnt (or rather re-learnt) one important thing about myself.

One of the crucial parts of football play (and especially in small hall with 4 on 4 game) is to fall back and keep fighting the counter-attack when you lose the ball. Couple of times I didn’t. Mainly not because of the fitness, but because I was pissed with my failure and so I started giving up on the rest of the game as well.

I realised I tend to do this in business and personal projects sometimes. When I fail, I overanalyse, close myself and pity myself. And that way I fail again, because I stop being productive.

By giving into self-pity we stop contributing and build-up to another failure.

It’s absolutely not productive to pity myself, start swearing and be pissed. It doesn’t help nor my performance neither my team-players. It just leads to me being less valuable to my team.

From now on when I get into self-pity mode  I will remember that feeling from the football pitch, when my team-mate yelled at me: „Why don’t you fall back? Why do you stop playing?“

What about you? Do you let the self-pity steal your contribution?