To Do List

My Favourite (Work) Feeling

1 min čítania

Done. Completed. Accomplished.

I’m one of those who like to tick the to-do list, track the plan, use the schedule. Simply see the small progress. Some used to call me „structure freak“, some just called me plain crazy 🙂 But this works for me.

After a couple of months, when I was extremely unstructured and reactive, I put together some kind of schedule for my day. Before I came often into the situation, that I was so overwhelmed with the number of „big things to do“, that I actually didn’t get anything done. But the schedule helps.

It is simple:

  • Wake up, exercise, meditate
  • Get to work, get the work done
  • Get home, rest, eat, run
  • Work on personal projects for next 2-3 hours
  • Read / paint / write
  • Sleep for 7 hours min

The beauty of the schedule is, that following it forms the habit. And it helps me to go step-by-step, without being scared of having too much to do.

Once in a while, I need to sit down and revise the things from the bigger perspective. And then back to schedule. Inch by inch I will get there.

And that is my favorite feeling. Knowing, that today I made another step towards achieving something.