Fall and rise

1 min čítania

Today I have another „poetic“ post for you. It was one morning thought, after a long week when I woke up and thought how great the day will be.


When I fall
I will rise
and rise again.

There will be days
weeks and even months
when nothing will seem
to go the way I want.

With every move
I will make mistakes
I will be in mess
all the light vanishes.

I’ll lose all the strength
will be thrown around
in the wind
tearing me apart.

I’ll have my face
buried in the mud,
have walkers by
point fingers.

But I will look up
to see the blue skies
one day.

And I will rise
and rise again.

No matter what hits me,
no matter how hard,
I will rise
and rise again.

And as an addition, one of my favorite scenes from Rocky series: