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Alone time behind the wheel

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What do you do, when you need maybe an hour or two at peace, only you and your thoughts? How do you get the undisturbed time, when no one from outside, but not even you, disturbs you by reaching for the smartphone?

Just some days ago I saw the Facebook post of one of my contacts praising for the self-driving cars and how he looks towards it. Although I do fancy the progress, I’m a bit afraid of it, for it will cost me one of my alone-time options.

The basis of most of the meditation techniques (as far as I know) is the repetition of words or simple tasks in a routine way. It requires a bit of your conscious effort, but not so much, that you need to focus. This way you get into the state, where the ideas and thoughts flow, reshuffle, arrange themselves…

Driving, cleaning dishes, hanging the laundry, running… Those are perfect no-extra-time ways to meditate.

For me, the long road drive on the highway is one of the absolute best options to switch off. I enjoy driving and it’s easy to filter any disturbances. I can tell people who call that I don’t have my hands-free (or simply set “do not disturb mode”). Checking facebook, e-mail or other smartphone non-sense is out of the question for safety reasons. The only thing remaining is to turn off the radio and let the mind wander. My last drive to Bratislava from Prague, where I was representing neseda at Happiness at Work conference, was an absolute bliss for the mind (short clip from the highway in the video above)

Do you have any other tips for the activities, by which the autopilot can easily kick-in but which are still productive in a way? Let me know below!