In the dark

1 min čítania

Not every day is bright and shining. There are days that world just doesn’t make sense and you want to forget and crawl in the cave out of everyone’s sight. Even those are valuable moments  in our lives.

I have some of those as well and sometimes they bring out creative emotion. On one of those days this short poem came to life. Let me know how you like it 😉

I’m sitting in the dark
thinking of all my mistakes
I made because of a reason.

I hear the sounds
of the street outside
kids play in the sunshine.

Used to be innocent
curious and wild,
now sitting in the dark.

I closed my curtains
keep away from light
there’s none in my heart.

I’m sitting in the dark,
sitting in the dark
thinking of mistakes,
closed to the light.

I’m sitting in the dark
closing down in my heart
that has been open until now.

Day comes to twilight
it’s grey outside
and I’m sitting in the dark.

I suppose
things will change
will get better
how they used to be.

But for now I lost my lights
can’t see the beacons.
I’m sitting in the dark
closed to the light.

It’s good to let emotions flow, whether they are positive or negative. They help to create.