Crazy, stupid, life worth living

1 min čítania

You have to admit, these characteristics fit on our lives. Maybe not always, maybe just in some periods, but they do.

Life is an adventure (yeah, I am really using that cliche) and adventures happen only when you let the unexpected happen, let the unknown challenge you, when you simply step out of that cosy little place called comfort zone.

I have to admit I am in one of those periods, when I need to do some crazy, some stupid things, that make the life worth living. And I am happy enough to have people around me to keep me grounded to my true self.

If you are in this stage as well, just remember to stay true to your values and true to your friends. The rest is gonna be okay.

Just as I spoke with my friend Sunny last weekend: „Life is good!“ So let it roll!

Roll on, roll on roller coaster
We’re one day older and one step closer
Roll on, there’s mountains to climb
Roll on, we’re on borrowed time
Roll on roller coaster, roll on tonight
Roll on tonight, yeah.