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Client Is The Boss – In Practice

1 min čítania

It’s 10 PM and I just finished working. Why? Two reasons – a bit bad time management and the fact that the client is the boss.

I haven’t written about my work too much yet. When I was coming to work for DEVELOR one of the first things I asked my managing director – Martin – was: „Who’s gonna be my boss here?“ Coming from position where I didn’t have to face customers it was natural for me to know who do I report to, who’s there to „check on me“. Martin’s reply:

Client is the boss.

And it’s not empty words here. It is like that. One and only thing I need to do is to make sure the client is happy. Whether it’s in the „business hours“ or out of them.

Sometimes it’s not that nice (like today, when I have to catch up on the work and my client needs that offer tomorrow morning in her email). But it also means that nobody is going to check your schedule, give you bad looks when you work out of a coffee place, home, coworking office, or when you take some hours off because you can’t do your best right now. You know you will have to get the work done. It also makes prioritising simple. First client work, then the rest.

I know my role. I’m not here to work, but to deliver. Deliver happy clients. And I get the freedom to do it. 

That’s something I like about DEVELOR.