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Build Your Momentum! Another Crazy Simple App for Habit Tracking.

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Recently I wrote an article about an app to track your habits – The Way of Life. The problem with the trackers and myself is, that after a while, a pretty short while, I get a bit bored with them. Especially, when I succeed and the tracker is filled with “green numbers.” Plus I’m curious about cool apps.

That’s exactly why I was pretty excited, when couple of days right after after I had published the article, I was approached by Eddy who introduced me to another app with similar purpose – Momentum app. Let’s look at it.

The idea of Momentum is to maintain the longest possible „streak“ and keep your momentum. I like that.

I tried and I use it for past 20 days. And I can recommend it. It’s a habit tracking app, so the purpose is very simple – enter a new habit you want to keep and update the tracker daily with your progress. The author states on the website “Form new habits. Simply. Beautifully. Permanently.” I agree with the first three points, the fourth I’d say is an overconfident statement. Based on own experience and researches, for building of a permanent habit tracking is important, but not the only element needed. But, that’s for another post.

Let’s focus on the app. The main cool thing about  Momentum (besides being a working habit tracker) is the simplicity. 

The initial setup is pretty simple. You pick a habit, chose the frequency, days, reminder and it’s done. What I really like is the option to set the days that I want the habit to be set on. Though I believe in starting the habit for a month without an exception day, for longer period, this feature is useful.

Momentum - Habit Setup Main Screen
Habit Setup Screen

Also, cool thing (similar to The Way of Life) is the tips on habits to try. What I like is the category break-down, though I would categorize a bit differently. Never mind, it still a useful add-on.

Momentum Habit Tips
Momentum Habit Tips


Once you’re done with the setup, you see days overview, with the future days in light-grey past days in white (if they are not relevant) or dark grey (if you failed) or in green (if you succeeded). This took a while to get used to, as I was expecting red for the unsuccessful day, but it makes sense.

This works with 3 color codes, plus the color gradients! That’s a pretty cool feature actually. When you have up to 3 habits, you see calendar flow at a glance. And you see the 100% days and then the less-than-100%-days and then 0% days. You can see it for example on the All Habits Overview Down – the green has different colors based on the days , when I did not do the warm-up (I did reading all days reported).

Momentum Homepage
Homepage – All Habits Overview

The simplicity of recording is something  I really, really like. It took a while to get used to, but now it’s natural. Tap once = green (success), tap second time = grey (fail), hold = white (skip-day). As simple as that. That’s something

Momentum Single Habit View
Single Habit View

One more interesting feature is the „streak count.“ If you click on the home screen on any of the passed days, you get this overview count. So if you drag and keep the habit for 2-3 months, it’ll be simple to find out for how long. How cool is that? Imagine, someone asks you „How long have you been waking up at 6 AM?“ And you say „Exactly for 231 days!“

Momentum Streak Overview
Momentum Streak Overview

Yeah, one feature I don’t dig that much is „Landscape mode“. I think it’s interesting, but not really the best part of this app… I rarely hold the phone on landscape, and even if I did, I don’t see much of use of that view below. But maybe seeing long green line in horizontal form is better than in the calendar view, for me it’s not. Anyways, I’ll give it some more tries, maybe I’ll get it…

Momentum Landscape "Spreadsheet" View
Landscape „Spreadsheet“ View

Momentum comes with standard free usage for 3 simultaneous habits and premium unlimited habits for 4.99 USD.

Momentum Buy Premium Screen
Buy Premium Screen

In conclusion: Momentum is worth trying.

Will Momentum make 100% sure you stick with your habits? No, that’s your job. But it’s an amazingly cool app that will help you prolong the „streak“ of the successful days probably. And it’s greatly designed from the user point of view (my judgement).

So go ahead, try the free version of Momentum on App Store, where you can get both iPhone and AppleWatch apps. I’m using the free version for now, I’ll consider buying the premium in a week.

Let me know, how you like the app below. Happy habit building!