Good boundaries

2 min čítania

There are many quotes and sayings about own limits. Most of them talk about limits, that stop us from releasing full potential and we should destroy them. Like this one from Bob Proctor: The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves… But today I want to talk about the limits we should build, rather than destroy.

Boundaries can help us to stay on the right course, like beacons on the seas. We can drift off-course a bit, but they will get us back on track.

Each and every one of us has those guilty pleasures, those time-wasters or just bad habits that we maintain. Some of them might be really harmful, some just waste of money, time or potential. And we should build limits around them, so that they don’t grow too big, so big that we might end up doing more of them, than the things which we really want to do.

I also have some of those things, which don’t make sense to do, or just are unproductive. But I don’t want to give-up on them totally, because they add-up some enjoyment into my everyday routine. So rather, I’ll put some boundaries. Here they come:

  • watching „stupid“ movies – you know what I’m talking about. Those free time movies or series that sometimes become obsessive need. I remember sometimes I used to watch 3 hours of episodes of Friends, How I Met Your Mother or other funny, but useless movies. Or romantic comedies (yeah, I like those).
    Limit for stupid movies: maximum of 1.5 hour of this per week
  • spending time in coffee shops – I really enjoy having my coffee after work. Even that much, that in some months I spend and hour or two per day there. But it leads me to spending more money than I should plus I tend to smoke there.
    Limit for coffee shops: maximum 2 times per week
  • facebook wall-staring: somehow I’ve developed this bad habit of staring and scrolling up and down the facebook wall. Maybe you’ve experienced the same – I  log-in and after 15 minutes I just ask myself „WTF am I doing here?“ I don’t want to cancel my facebook account, because it’s good source of information and publicising my blog & other ideas, but I have to stop the wall-staring. I’m installing this Chrome Extension to track myself.
    Wall-staring limit: check facebook 3 times a day for tops of 15 min
  • trying to please everyone – it’s one of the characteristic traits that on one hand might be very valuable, on the other might prove disastrous. I’ve talked about being selfish before, this is more about being conscious about who and how much I decide to help around.
    Limit to all-helping: before saying yes to any request, consider well the time & effort requirements and say NO to anything that might be too much

I think these boundaries can set me off to another level of productivity. I can invest the saved time and money into achieving my 13 goals for this year.

What about you? What are the activities that you need to set boundaries to? Let me know in comments.