13 gifts to myself

1 min čítania

Couple of days ago I was writing about the importance of setting goals instead of making new years resolutions. I mentioned there that I might post some of my 2013 goals. And after reading a blogpost by Mino Kysel, I decided to actually do so.

2013 is for me a year to achieve, discover, change and enjoy. Achieve the targets in business and personal life. Discover new things, new people, new places and new experiences. Change myself and things around me to more positive. Enjoy the whole journey throughout 2013.

And to make this year really a year of achievement, discovery, change and enjoyment, here are the 13 gifts I’m giving to myself:

  1. run 1000 km including one marathon run
  2. convict conditioning: level 6 squat, pushup, leg-raise & level 4 pull-up
  3. have a six-pack
  4. read 40 books
  5. write 273750 words of stories / blogposts (365 x 750words)
  6. attend 12 events broadening my network and horizons
  7. do meditation exercises 200 times
  8. paint 30 paintings
  9. achieve my business targets on minimum 100%
  10. write 106 blogposts
  11. visit 10 new countries for a minimum of 48 hours
  12. jump bungee-jump
  13. get a tattoo

I couldn’t think of any suitable reward for achieving all of them, neither of a punishment for non-achieving.  I think they are a reward and punishment just as they are, but maybe you can suggest some 🙂

There are more things I want to accomplish in 2013, but I decided to pick this top 13 because they are most focused on me and they represent 6 important areas: body (1-3), mind (4-5), social (6), spirit & emotion (7-8), my mission (9-10) and new experiences (11-13).

What about you? What gifts are you giving to yourself in 2013?