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Simplest Way To Get Some Help

Please Ask by Roo Reynolds

… and it will be given. Or at least it might be.

One thing constantly upsets me: so few people ask for what they want, even when they have the unlimited options available.

When I was still active with AIESEC, we already had a large group of alumni (ex-AIESECers), who were just one phone-call away. Despite that we used to “reinvent the wheel”, because we didn’t ask for help.

Nowadays, when I have the chance to help some of the young guys through my experience, I see that still happening. There’s so few of people who will just pick-up the phone and ask for help or advise (whether from me or from others).

Most of the times if you state your request honestly, you will be treated with respect. You don’t even need to be offering anything in return (though it’s great if you find some benefits for the other side).

In most of the cases, people are keen on helping. Some actually long to be given the chance to contribute to others. Some like to be asked, because it gives them the feeling of appreciation. Some might say no. But many will say “yes”.

Worst case you end up where you have started. Best case, you will get what you want. Everything it takes is to step forward. Without asking, you’ll get a “No” for sure.

So go ahead and ask. It might be given.


  1. Andrej Uličný March 31, 2013 Reply

    The people won’t ask because:
    1. It’s hard to acknowledge that you don’t know something before somebody else and you want to keep appearance of knowing stuff. Remedy: get loose of your ego. There are methods available.
    2. School teaches us that not knowing something and making mistakes is bad = we rather don’t do anything just to avoid failing. Remedy: look at life as a playground where you just try different things and see how they work out.

    • Author
      Marek Lutz March 31, 2013 Reply

      Thanks for the remedies Andrej, I will definitely use them 😉

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