10 sekúnd pre pokoj v hlave

Celá moja schopnosť fungovať efektívne, podávať pracovný výkon, sústrediť sa a jednoducho robiť to, čo ma baví dobre, je postavená na implementácii GTD s istými úpravami. Stále tento svoj systém vylaďujem.

Nedávno som prišiel na nové doplnenie, vďaka ktorému som sa posunul o krok vpred. Hľadal som riešenie, ako dobre zachytiť všetky nápady a inputy tak, aby som o ne neprišiel.

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Čo som robil posledné tri roky a prečo zasa píšem

Stalo sa vám už niekedy, že ste niečo odsúvali, nestíhali, posúvali a zrazu ste zistili, že už je to teda pekne dlho, čo to valíte pred sebou, že už je to až trochu trápne vôbec to ešte spraviť? Ja som takto posledné roky odsúval písanie.

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Ako udržať život pod kontrolou

V sérii „Transformeri“ v rámci ročníka 2018 Maxman University som dostal možnosť pokecať zo svojej skúsenosti. Je z toho nahrávka hore ale ak preferujete čítať (čo bude asi aj kratšie), v článku je mojich 5 transformačných momentov, 5 efektívnych nástrojov a 5 poučení zhrnutých.

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Viac žuvať, menej jesť. Jednoduchý návod na minimalizmus a lepší život.

Život je jednoduchý. My si ho komplikujeme. Život sa dá užívať. My si z neho radosť vyháňame.

Čítal som nedávno zaujímavú knihu, ktorá ma inšpirovala k tomu, aby som viac žuval. Let me help you improve it with a simple book I read. I believe it will inspire you chew more and also to other actions.

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Ten Days of Mad, Sad and Glad Time? This Is What It Brings!

Have you ever had a day, when your moods went up-and-down like a rollercoaster? Some days that start with absolute join and positive attitude and by the time you get to work you’re pissed already. Although I learnt to live with it, I still don’t get this part of myself. Wouldn’t it be great to understand your own moods a bit better?

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Rekindle Your Reading In Just 31 Days

When I was a little child, I took weekly trips into the land of unknown, hidden in the local library. Every Saturday, my back was bending carrying the two bags of books back home. But my mind was about to go and fly from the excitement. Then I lost it. But now my book relations is rekindled anew! How?

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I’ll Be Mad, Sad and Glad! Starting today!

June first, time to start something new. I’ve been working on a monthlong habit idea for over 4 years and one thing I’m always excited about is personally starting the new habit challenge for a month. This month, I’ll be going for the „Mad, Sad, Glad Timehabit. I’ll be recording daily the list of things which made me sad, mad and glad during the day.

Why do I do this

The simplest answer is, that I like experimenting with new habits. And I like to do it on challenge basis. I chose this habit because it’s related to the emotional part, to the „heart dimension“ of the monthlong idea. I hope that this will help me become more aware of my emotional state over the day and, that it will give me chance to gain more control over it. And I’m curious, what parts of my life create what feeling.

My Mad-Sad-Glad Papers
My Mad-Sad-Glad Papers

How will the „mad-sad-glad time“ look like:

  1. I’ll use a set of small papers, as I want to do it paper-and-pen style
  2. I’ll have a printed A4 tracker on the fridge to remind me
  3. I’ll of course use Momentum for tracking as well
  4. I’ll come home from work and as the thing before dinner, I’ll take 10 minutes out to write this down
  5. The major questions will be:
    1. What made me mad this day?
    2. What made me sad?
    3. When was I glad during the day?
  6. The follow-up question will be „What do you learn from it? What will you change based on it.“
  7. I will share something from my learning via facebook/twitter, or maybe will even post the photo of the record pager.

That’s it. Or maybe, some other steps will come in. It’s a new thing, so I’ll see how it goes and what to add on it.

I’m curious, what this will bring into my life.

Join as well!

If you want to try what will this habit bring to your life, try it for 30 days with me. Nothing is needed, just start. The only thing as must-do is to sit down and write it for yourself. You’ll find the resource center around this topic here and you can also follow the whole monthlong topic on the dedicated facebook page here.

The first step for you: start with mad-sad-glad time today!

Build Your Momentum! Another Crazy Simple App for Habit Tracking.

Recently I wrote an article about an app to track your habits – The Way of Life. The problem with the trackers and myself is, that after a while, a pretty short while, I get a bit bored with them. Especially, when I succeed and the tracker is filled with “green numbers.” Plus I’m curious about cool apps.

That’s exactly why I was pretty excited, when couple of days right after after I had published the article, I was approached by Eddy who introduced me to another app with similar purpose – Momentum app. Let’s look at it.

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What Is So Interesting About Another Monday?

I think there isn’t a person, who hasn’t sung the Manic Monday by Bangles. Yesterday it was Monday, May 11th. A normal day. Though was it really a normal day? What’s so special about normal days? Let me tell you what I think and at the end, I have a short task for you as well. So dig in, just after you finish listening…

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One Big Fat Experiment That We All Have To Run

I’ve used to look for the right way. As if there was one to live ones life.

I’m reading The Lean Startup book and the most coolest thing I get from it until now is the concept of experimentation and learning. According to the author the most crucial thing that the startup has to do is to experiment in order to prove or disprove the customer / problem / solution hypothesis. Basically, they have to experiment to find out, whether what they think, is actually true.

We are all living one big fat scientific problem during our own lives. We have enormous options and we assume some might be good and some wrong. We have hypotheses about what will happen. But without testing them, without experimenting, we have just an assumption. Of course, in some periods we experiment more, in other less. Sometimes we take big leaps of faith, other times we just don’t. And we find out what works and what doesn’t.

I’m right now in the period of life, when I want to experiment on things. To see what it brings, how it works with me. Both in professional and personal life. One of these experiments is transforming itself into monthlong.club thing. It’s an idea connected with starting a new for me interesting habit every month. I don’t know where it will lead me, or what the monthlong thing will become, but I’m enjoying the experiment.

I’m excited of what will come.

What about you? What are you experimenting on right now?